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Census Info

Access to detailed census data, down to zip code level. You will find the most accurate and updated census data about the area you want to relocate.

City-related Info

The USA CityLink Project is a city's interface, listing all U.S. States and Cities offering detailed information on relocation.

Relocation Info

Interesting relocation resource. Moving information and reports. Easy to compare the information from different locations.

California School Information

Welcome to CDE, California Department of Education, your objective source
of elementary, middle and high school information for public, private and
charter schools. Access Choosing Schools, Track School Performance and the
Parent Resource Center to learn about school performance and help your child

Credit Info

Help information on credit repair. Provide basic knowlege for keeping good credit records.

Mortgage Rates Info

Investor loans to 80% LTV on single-family only. Quick rates provided.

Cash Flow Newsletter

Your resource of discounted mortgage notes, investment paper or other debt instruments and income streams.

Money Lender

Specialize in short term mortgages. Evaluate a property, issue a commitment and close within 10 days.

California Lottery

Find the winning numbers. Good luck !

Southland Regional Association of REALTORS´┐Ż

Southland Regional Association of REALTORS´┐Ż. Serving the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys


New Brentwood (Mountaingate) Property MultiMedia Presentation. Click Here (Please Wait A Moment For Presentation To Load

When you list with me, see your home here, too.
By the way, this one just sold!


Great place to look for various current mortgage rates.

Used & New Car Loan Rates

Great place to look for new and used car loans at great rates.

News including videos for many stories

MSNBC offers many current news stories. Major stories have videos to watch while hearing the news.

Custom MLS Search...Call Billy Wynn for Password

For very custom, saveable MLS searches, searches that are direct from my local Board of Realtors, kindly call me so I can give you a secret password. Billy Wynn 818.783.1793

Government Stuff Made Easy

How to Find and Communicate With Your Elected Officials:
We can help you e-mail President Bush, write your member of Congress on how to vote or call the mayor.

Daily Best Available Mortgage Rates For Your Local Area

Find best mortgage rates each day for your local area.